About us

Cemil Socks

With the experience of three generations in the textile industry, Cemil İplik was founded in 1996 in İstanbul, Turkey. we manufacture and export high-quality socks. We export our products to well-known European chain stores in countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom.

Our well-equipped factory allows us to produce more than 6 million pairs of socks every year using the latest technological advances. We are very conscious that socks, machines, and investments cannot do it all. Business is also about people, that is why our team and our clients are the main focus. With good teamwork, we are able to combine all these elements and achieve success.

The utmost attention is paid to the production of high-quality socks. The usage of Oeko-Tex certified yarn from western suppliers makes our socks one of the highest quality in the market.

The customers and the market are the center of our attention and it is, therefore, our primary objective to be ready for – and willing to change in order to match the demands and expectations of an innovative textile company today.

The major target of our marketing policy is to increase the number of customers who prefer socks under a private label and making sure they get the best possible quality of both service and products. Increased competition in the new markets makes us constantly developing our potential production abilities to keep the current trade ties and to successfully establish new ones.